Outdoor Cleaning


Complete Cleaning & Clearance tackle exterior and outdoor cleaning jobs in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and London. Our professional crew clean driveways, patios, windows and gutters, whizzing through those inconvenient chores so that you don’t have to.

Driveway cleaning

As your driveway forms the approach to your home, getting it cleaned makes a big visual difference. An unloved, dirty driveway really lowers your home’s attractiveness – particularly important if you’re thinking of selling.

With our high pressure washers, our trained staff will soon rejuvenate your driveway. With prices starting from £12 an hour, it’s a cost-effective, convenient alternative to doing it yourself. Get your driveway treated and restore your kerb-appeal with Complete Cleaning and Clearance.

Patio cleaning

Is your once-attractive patio in a bit of a state? Over time, patios gather moss, algae, bird droppings, dust, mud and just about anything else that can grow or stick to them. With our high pressure equipment, we’ll strip away all of the accumulated mess, giving you back your outdoor bolt-hole.  When we’re done, celebrate with a glass of wine on your lovely clean patio! Our patio cleaning is available at really competitive prices.

Roof cleaning

Another exterior cleaning service that we pride ourselves in at Complete Cleaning and Clearance Oxford is our professional and highly skilled roof cleaning services. Roof cleaning is not a task that you want to conduct yourself. Not only can it be extremely dangerous but it also needs to be done correctly in order to preserve your roof.

Hiring a professional to clean your roof with the correct techniques has many advantages:

  • You can improve the overall aesthetics appeal of your exteriors so that your property looks even better than normal and you can change the first impression that people get from your property.
  • It drastically reduces your chances of needing to frequently repair your roof, saving you time and money in the future (and avoiding unwanted leeks!).
  • Cleaning your roof properly reduces the amount of moss, lichen and algae that growths on your roof meaning that it will need cleaning less frequently.

Find out more about our roof cleaning services here.

Windows, soffits and fascia cleaning

Why put up with the grime, when you can make ’em shine? We have a wide coverage area for our window, soffit and fascia cleaning service. With prices from £12 an hour, we can’t think why you would want to do it yourself. This service can easily be added to your roof cleaning services to get the whole house sparkling clean. Get in touch to chat about our window cleaning services.

Gutter cleaning

Cleaning the guttering is easy to put off and forget about, maybe because it’s such an awkward job. However, blocked guttering causes untold damage to UK homes. If you don’t feel like wobbling around on a ladder, let the professionals take over. Complete Cleaning & Clearance can sort your gutters out, protecting your property from water ingress and exterior staining. Again, this service can easily be added to roof cleaning and window cleaning with Complete Cleaning and Clearance. Why not treat the whole house at once?

Talk to us today to get your guttering sorted.

Graffiti removal

Another exterior cleaning service that we offer is professional and reliable graffiti removal service. We understand that graffiti can be offensive, damaging, and unattractive and therefore often requires quick and effective removal. That is why we respond quickly to any enquiry and are on hand to help you.

Graffiti removal must be done properly or it can cause further damage to the surface. We approach every situation as unique because the removal process largely depends on the surface that the graffiti has vandalised as well as the type of paint used.

Find out more about our graffiti removal services here.

Exterior and outdoor cleaning services

Should you want to find out more about any of our exterior and outdoor cleaning services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We can get your home looking at good as new.