Graffiti removal

Here at Complete Cleaning and Clearance we offer a professional and reliable graffiti removal service. We understand that graffiti can be offensive, damaging, and unattractive and therefore often requires quick and effective removal. That is why we respond quickly to any enquiry and are on hand to help you. We are based in Oxfordshire and operate throughout Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, and London.

Graffiti removal services

Graffiti removal must be done in the correct manner using the right equipment or it can cause further damage to the surface. We, therefore, approach every situation as unique. The removal process largely depends on the surface that the graffiti has vandalised as well as the type of paint used so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to take. For these reasons it is important to hire a professional, like Complete Cleaning and Clearance, for the job.

Often graffiti is particularly challenging to remove because the vandaliser may have used spray paint or permanent marker pens. These are solvent and petroleum based which means that removal agents and chemicals are required to effectively remove the graffiti. Here at Complete Cleaning and Clearance, we know which products to use to effectively remove the graffiti but also impact the environment as little as possible. We understand that some chemicals can be very damaging to environment, especially when cleaning big areas, but health and safety and environmental concerns are at the forefront of our minds.

Another important part of graffiti removal is that there must be quick action taken. Removing graffiti quickly and efficiently means that there is as little damage as possible done to the surface area. So, if you have been a victim of graffiti vandalism, get in touch with a professional as quickly as possible.

Although you may be deciding whether the cost of removing the graffiti professionally is worth it or not, the cost of leaving it there or removing it incorrectly is always going to be more. It is well known that properties with graffiti decrease in value and the longer the graffiti is left the more likely there is to be damage left behind.

Anti graffiti coating

An anti graffiti coating is a useful and important part of removing vandalism from your property. It is always beneficial to introduce preventative techniques to protect your property. At Complete Cleaning and Cleaning, we take steps to make sure that your surfaces are protected once the graffiti has been removed. We offer effective and high quality anti graffiti coatings that make it much more difficult for the paint to stick to the surface, preventing further damage to your property. It also makes any paint that does stick much easier to clean. This means that, in the future, you should have fewer problems with graffiti and graffiti removal. This is a step that we believe to be very important in order to protect your property, so get in touch with our highly skilled team today.

Why Complete Cleaning and Clearance for your graffiti removal?

It is important to hire highly skilled and experience professionals when it comes to graffiti removal. Here at Complete Cleaning and Clearance we not only ensure that we have the correct products and equipment but we also have highly trained and skilled staff to do the best possible job for you.

  • Our staff are sensitive to potential harmful consequences of offensive graffiti
  • They know how to deal with situations quickly and efficiently
  • Our staff are highly trained and skilled in the removal of graffiti from any surface
  • Health and safety is at the forefront of our minds at all times
  • We cover Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, and London

If you have a graffiti problem that you want dealing with straight away, get in touch with our expert team.

Other extreme cleaning services

Graffiti removal is one of many services that we offer at Complete Cleaning and Clearance. No job is too big for us and we have experience in pretty much everything you can think of. If you need any extreme cleaning or house/garden clearance services then we can help. We offer a comprehensive range of services including roof cleaning, biohazard removal, and house clearances.

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