Biohazard Cleaning

Biohazard sites are places contaminated with biological materials that can, potentially, cause a lot damage to someones health. Therefore, cleaning and decontaminating these areas is not casual business and it requires appropriate training, materials and equipment. A biohazard substance can be described as a substance that poses a dangerous threat to humans or animals.


Biohazards can carry dangerous viruses and can therefore pose high threats. Employers are legally obliged to protect the health and safety of employees under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. The proper cleaning and decontamination of sites soiled with biohazards must be professionally done in order to avoid any dangerous contamination.

Here are Complete Cleaning and Clearance we offer the necessary professional cleaning and decontamination services for biohazard sites, including dealing with blood and other bodily fluids, sewage and decomposing matter. Many of your average domestic cleaning companies will not approach biohazard scenes because they do not have the correct specialised equipment and training. Therefore, it is imperative to hire experienced professionals, like us, to do the job for you.

Whilst biohazard scenes are often associated with crime scenes and alarming circumstances, they are situations that our staff deal with on a daily basis. We are experienced in tackling a wide range of situations. For example, we have ample experience and can help with:

  • Needle sweeps and other drug-related materials.
  • Trauma sites, including crime scenes and natural deaths.
  • Police cell and vehicle cleaning
  • Squats and vacant properties

If your specific requirement is not listed, please call us. There’s very little that we can’t handle.

Why use Complete Cleaning and Clearance?

Complete Cleaning and Clearance are dedicated to providing a professional and thorough service with minimal disruption. Our biohazard removal services include:

  • A comprehensive disinfection service
  • Specialist disinfection equipment
  • Biohazard clean up with minimal disruption
  • Safety at the top of our priorities
  • Innovative technology such a heat foggers used to combat difficult areas
  • Highly trained, experienced, and specialised staff

We are fully ensured and follow all government regulations and our team of highly experienced professional cleaners are highly respectful of all scenes and know how to handle sensitive situations.

What is fogging?

Fogging is used to help get rid of harmful substances. Fogging machines produce micro-droplets of disinfectant that float around in the air meaning that every little corner is reached. Studies show that the application of aerosol reduces the number of viable infectious pathogens in the air, making it the optimal technology for biohazard removal.

We use thermal heat foggers to ensure the thorough removal of all potentially harmful substances. Thermal foggers is just one example of the technology we use to effectively disinfect all biohazards.

Our biohazard cleaning process

When we are approached with a biohazard clean-up task, our process is as follows:

  • First of all, we carry out a full and thorough risk assessment before proceeding with any biohazard cleaning and disinfection
  • Then we remove and dispose of the biohazard source with the correct and safe means of doing so
  • Next, we begin the process of disinfecting and biohazard cleaning to ensure the whole area is treated with the most appropriate equpiment
  • Finally, we ensure that the area is returned to its pre-biohazard incident state and condition and contact the relevant people to notify the clean up is complete

Our advice with biohazard removal is always not to wait a moment longer than you have to. If you have a problem with some biohazard contamination and you need it dealt with and cleaned up, give us a call ASAP. The quicker we can disinfect the scene, the better for everybody involved.

Our cleaning services

Complementary to our biohazard removal services, we offer a comprehensive needle sweep service at Complete Cleaning and Clearance. Head over to our needle sweep page to find out more.

We don’t just offer biohazard removal here at Complete Cleaning and Clearance. We also offer a range of other extreme cleaning and commercial cleaning services including the following:

Should you need any extra information about any of our services, get in touch with us today for a quote or extra information.

We don’t cut corners, we clean them.