All exterior parts of commercial and domestic properties professionally cleaned.

External cleaning is an essential part of property maintenance. Our team quickly and thoroughly cleans all exterior parts of properties, including roofs, gutters, render and windows. We also clean the surrounding hard surfaces, such as patios and driveways. Small enough to offer a personal service but big enough to tackle any sort of cleaning, we work with commercial enterprises, organisations such as housing associations, and private homeowners.

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Patio and Driveway

Patios and driveways have a big visual impact. When they begin to get dirty and neglected, they can quickly become an eyesore, devaluing a property and reducing its kerb appeal.

Complete Cleaning and Clearance can restore your patio and/or driveway to its former glory. Our small, dedicated team clean, renovate and seal all types of exterior surface, including:

  • block paving
  • pattern-imprinted driveways
  • imprinted concrete
  • stone
  • tarmac
  • decking
  • pathways

We use state-of-the-art pressure washers to remove mould, algae, oil, industrial pollutants and dirt without damaging the hard surface. Any weeds between the blocks are also removed.

Patio and driveway cleaning are available as part of a regular property maintenance contract or as a one-off service. We work with landlords, housing associations, local councils and private homeowners, offering a personalised and professional service that is highly regarded by our customers.

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Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal

Whether it’s a commercial or domestic property, cleaning the roof extends its useful life and restores its appearance.

Complete Cleaning and Clearance use tried and trusted procedures to clean and protect your roof. First, biocidal agents are used to kill moss, lichen and algae — if neglected, these primitive plants produce acids that can discolour tiles and weaken the roof’s structure. Roof-cleaning equipment is then used to remove these, as well as dirt and other accumulated pollutants.

Our experienced team has the training and equipment to tackle all types of roof. However, we’re also small enough to offer a genuinely personalised service to all of our clients.

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Render Cleaning

Our profess​ional render cleaning service restores the appearance of your commercial or domestic property, as well as extending the render’s lifespan.

Without professional cleaning, rendered buildings gradually start to look dirty and neglected. The render gradually becomes coated with algae, moss, bird droppings and particulates. This not only looks unsightly, but over time causes the render to deteriorate. Our expert team gently but thoroughly remove these deposits, without damaging the render.

We work with commercial and domestic clients throughout Oxfordshire, as well as in Berkshire, Wiltshire and London. Call us today to discuss your needs.

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Gutter Vacuuming & Cleaning

Regular gutter cleaning is an essential part of property maintenance. Fully or partially blocked gutters can result in flooding, damage to window frames and walls and damp within the building.

Our experienced team clear and clean gutters on both commercial and domestic properties. Working with clients throughout Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire and London, we offer a professional yet personal service and a 24-hour call-out.

To clear your gutter, we make use of gutter vacuums. As the name suggests, these are powerful specialist vacuums that pull debris through the guttering system quickly and effectively. Gutter vacuuming is much more thorough than traditional cleaning techniques and can usually be carried out from the ground. It also creates less mess.

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Window Cleaning

Keep your business or residential property looking fantastic with our cost-effective window cleaning service.

Our bespoke commercial window cleaning service benefits corporate clients, small enterprises, housing associations, residential homes and catering businesses. We will of course clean cladding, signage and lighting as required.

Window cleaning is often part and parcel of end-of-tenancy property maintenance and we welcome enquiries from landlords and housing associations. We also work with homeowners to deliver outstanding external cleans.

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We work with customers throughout Oxfordshire — including Oxford, Bicester and Witney — as well as in Berkshire, Wiltshire and London. If you need our services but you're unsure whether we can cover your area, it's always worth getting in touch.