All types of hazardous waste removed. Contaminated sites cleaned.

Our team has the equipment, specialist training and experience necessary to tackle sites contaminated with hazardous material. Rapidly and safely, we remove all types of hazardous material, including needles, bodily fluids, rotting food and sewage. We then check, disinfect and clean the site, returning it to a safe state. These skills complement our experience in extreme cleaning.

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Hazardous Waste Removal

Hazardous materials cannot be treated casually: they must be removed promptly and thoroughly by a specialist company. The site must then be checked for any remaining materials (e.g.needle sticks, blood) and appropriate cleaning carried out, including disinfection.

Complete Cleaning and Clearance can do all of this and more. We have years of experience in dealing with sites that have become contaminated with all types of hazardous material. We work with local councils, property management and letting companies, housing associations and other large organisations, returning sites to a safe state for immediate use or for other workers. We also work with domestic clients, including bereaved families and individuals with hoarding behaviour.

Our expertise and equipment allow us to deal with:

• void properties
• sites used by drug users
• police cells
• trauma sites

We are accredited by the National Association of Crime Scene Cleaners and operate according to all COSHH and other relevant regulations.

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Needle Removal

Our specialist service clears sites of discarded needles, and other sharps and drug-related items. These items represent a serious health hazard — for example, needle injuries can transmit serious diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV.

Private landlords, local councils, housing association and owners of commercial properties often face the problem of decontaminating their sites. This is essential given the public health risk.

Our team are fully trained and equipped to carry out specialist needle sweeps. We systematically search your site for needles and other hazardous items, removing them for safe disposal and destruction. We can then clean the surrounding areas which may be contaminated by blood or other bodily fluids.

With years of experience working in the most extreme cleaning environments, we work in full compliance with all relevant legislation and HSE guidance.

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Trauma Cleaning

Complete Cleaning and Clearance provide a rapid, professional cleaning service for trauma sites. We are members of the National Association of Crime Scene Cleaners and can deal with a full range of trauma situations, including ones related to crime scenes, suicides, industrial accidents and natural deaths.

As soon as authorisation has been obtained, our team are ready to begin decontamination. We remove affected items, clean, decontaminate and disinfect as appropriate. This decontamination includes easily missed places that might otherwise continue to release odours.

However, trauma cleaning is not just about training, experience and equipment. Individuals connected to the site are often deeply affected by the incident and our team understand the need for sensitivity and discretion in all of our work.

Organisations such as police forces and local councils, as well as commercial clients such as care homes, require trauma cleaning services that are reliable, thorough and prompt. Call us today to discuss your needs.

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Extreme Cleaning

Some cleaning work does not require the removal of hazardous materials, but is still beyond what domestic cleaning companies can provide.

We work to deep clean properties that have deteriorated due to:

  • Infirmity or death of occupant
  • Hoarding
  • Mental illness
  • Drug abuse

Our expert team is experienced in returning void properties to a clean, safe and hygienic state, ready for the next occupants. Our service is particularly useful as part of a regular property maintenance service for housing associations, local councils and other property-owning organisations, as well as private landlords.

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