Needle sweeps

Needle sweeps are essential to ensuring the safety of the general public. Discarded needles, syringes and other drug-related paraphernalia represent a serious health hazard. We offer a specialist service removing them.

Illegal drug use brings with it the problem of discarded drug paraphenalia, including syringes, needlesticks, razor blades and scalpels. These are a danger to the general public, domestic animals and wildlife. Apart from injuries from penetration or cuts, humans run the risk of contracting serious blood-borne infections. Principally, these are Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and HIV. However, as NHS guidance makes clear, transmission of other diseases such as Epstein-Barr Virus may also be possible. Therefore it is clear that sharps (the industry name for sharp objects such as needles and razors) pose a high risk and considerable health hazards to the general public so must be dealt with properly.

Every Local Authority faces an ongoing issue with removing these materials from areas frequented by drug users. It’s also a common problem for landlords and housing associations. Sometimes, a contaminated area doesn’t just need to be cleaned but needs to be thoroughly searched in the first place. Complete Cleaning and Clearance offers needle sweep services to ensure that any areas that may be contaminated with sharp items are searched and any sharp items found are disposed of correctly.

To protect yourself and your employees, this should only be tackled by personnel with appropriate training and equipment. It essential that legislation is adhered to and all procedures are followed.

Complete Cleaning and Clearance specialise needle sweeps which searches the area for syringes and other dangerous materials. Our trained staff operate in accordance with all appropriate legislation and HSE guidance, safely removing and destroying anything they find.

We can also ensure that the surrounding area is decontaminated. Sharp objects such as needles can contaminate surrounding areas with blood and other bodily fluids so it is important to clean and decontaminate the whole area, not just remove the objects. Complete Cleaning and Clearance specialise in deep and extreme cleaning like drug-use areas and old abandoned sites. It is important that this job is done by a professional so do get in touch to find out how we can help you.

Our needle sweep staff are:

  • Highly experienced
  • Well trained
  • Extremely cautious
  • Respectful and careful in all situations

Complete Cleaning and Clearance stand out from ordinary cleaning companies due to our vast levels of experience and training. We know how to handle every situation and always ensure that the contamination is dealt with in the correct manner. We aren’t your average domestic cleaning company.

Tell us the nature of the problem and the area you want us to deal with, and we’ll do the rest. To find out more, or for estimates, contact us today.