Trauma Sites

The cleaning of various types of trauma site — such as those resulting from crimes, serious accidents and suicides — is highly specialised work. Complete Cleaning and Clearance offer a speedy and professional service.

When a traumatic event contaminates an area, it’s vital that it is professionally cleaned as soon as authorisation has been obtained. This is necessary for preventing possible health hazards, as well as to avoid adding further distress to an already harrowing situation. As Police Life report, specialist hygiene services have to take the lead in the clean up of  trauma sites, it is unavoidable.

Complete Cleaning and Clearance are here to help when there has been a traumatic event that dealing with. We completely understand the urgency and sensitivity of the situation and are therefore in the best place to effectively do what needs to be done.

Dealing with these sites and situations in the correct manner requires considerable skill, training and experience, it is not something that can be done without the correct training and experience. Complete Cleaning and Clearance have all of these. We are able to deal with a wide and extensive range of trauma sites, including ones resulting from:

  • Crime scenes of all sorts
  • Suicides
  • Industrial accidents
  • Natural deaths
  • Decompositions

In relation to the latter, it is not uncommon for a death from natural causes to remain undiscovered for some time. This is sometimes sadly the case for elderly people who have become isolated. In the period before the body has been discovered, decomposition may have become evident and therefore the area needs to be properly decontaminated.

In all of our trauma site work, we not only decontaminate and/or remove obviously affected objects and areas, we also decontaminate those places that can easily be missed. Without appropriate treatment, materials such as wood flooring can release odours related to decomposition long after the event has occurred. This, therefore, requires the correct equipment and tools to be effectively cleaned and cleared.

Dealing with these situations obviously requires technical skills, but also sensitivity and compassion for those affected. Complete Cleaning and Clearance work with all types of client to provide this. Please get in touch to learn more about our service.

We also offer biohazard removal and needle sweeps, so any situation can be dealt with by our professional and hardworking team. Our team follow all government standards and are sufficiently trained to deal with these situations.

Our other services include exterior and outdoor cleaning such as roofs, patios, and graffiti removal. We can tackle any kind of extreme cleaning situation here at Complete Cleaning and Clearance.