Large Load


For loads up to 6 cubic yards (5 cubic metres). That’s about 12 washing machines, or a full builder’s skip.

Additional £15 collection and disposal charge will be applied at checkout. Some individual items may have additional charges.


If your load contains any of the items below, please tell us how many you have of each. Disposing of these costs a bit more, either because they require an additional staff member to move, or they require special disposal.

Just a reminder: Sorry, but our man & van service cannot remove asbestos, paint, paint cans (unless empty), liquid chemicals, solvents, car batteries, raw meat or meat that’s not in sealed packaging, clinical or biological waste, fire extinguishers, gas bottles, oils or petrol.

If you have any large items not listed, please contact us on 01865 590765



Dining tables and chairs

£25.00 inc VAT


£15.00 inc VAT

Single sofa chair

£20.00 inc VAT

2 Seater Sofa

£30.00 inc VAT

3 Seater Sofa

£40.00 inc VAT

2 Seater Sofa Bed

£40.00 inc VAT

3 Seater Sofa Bed

£65.00 inc VAT


Beds & Bedding

Single bed frame

£13.00 inc VAT

Double bed frame

£16.00 inc VAT

Mattress (any size)

£25.00 inc VAT


Electrical & White Goods

Cooker/Washing machine/Tumble Dryer

£18.00 inc VAT

Fridge Freezers

£90.00 inc VAT


£15.00 inc VAT

Small electrical items

e.g. kettles microwaves toasters
£12.00 per item or 6 items for £50.00 inc VAT



Car tyre

£10.00 inc VAT

10 x black bags of general waste

£40.00 inc VAT


If you have any items not listed please contact us on 01865 590765